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dinosaurs with Karl Huber3Uncover the life and lives of dinosaurs with world-renown artists like Tracy Ford, Peggy Gardner, Mark Hallett, Karl Huber, and Steve Kieffer. Our links in the artist gallery will take you personally to each of their websites for you to enjoy dinosaur paintings and drawings. Peggy Gardner works in oil, water color, pen, ink, and porcelain and many of her works of art are limited editions, however she does custom paining for both private residences and businesses.

She is displayed in the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, specifically her collection of “Cats, Wild to Mild.” Purchase pictures by her on her website with not only cats from the past but also of Tyrannosaurus Rex. As for Mark Hallett, his popular works have been collected by the San Diego Museum of Natural History as well as appearing in almost every popular major science magazine from Discovery to the Smithsonian to National Geographic. He has not only created dinosaur art but has written various books about dinosaurs and even helped with dinosaur renderings in the movie “Jurassic Park” by Steven Spielberg.

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