The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs8Dinotreker has made a real effort to offer all kinds of products for dinosaur enthusiasts for purchase directly from our site. If you happen to be one of those people who love all things dinosaurs, we are here to not only educate people about dinosaurs with dioramas, art and timelines, but to provide dinosaur toys, books, games, clothes, replica fossils, post cards, screen savers and art. We accept both MasterCard and Visa and ordering from us is easy and secure. Currently we have five popular and well-known dinosaur books from our bookstore.

The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs5The Complete Dinosaur is a 40-chapter book with 350 illustrations; the Ultimate Dinosaur book reveals paleontological findings about dinosaur posture, gait, make-up, behavior and possible reasons for extinction; while The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs is also beautifully illustrated and is a “must have” for libraries, museums and researchers. The Dinosauria book is written by 3 world-renowned scientists and focuses on dinosaur relationships and The Horned Dinosaur is about these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats in the badlands of the Red Deer River in Alberta to the Gobi Desert using fossil evidence to describe them with great precision.

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