dinosaurs1Whether you know a great deal about dinosaurs or are just learning, our site has helpful time-lines to get you familiarized and educated about the eras in which certain dinosaurs lived and of important changes in the environment that contributed to the evolution of dinosaurs over millions of years. According to scientists, dinosaurs first appeared in the Mesozoic Era known as the Triassic Period over 225 million years ago is made up of 3 different periods in time consisting of the Triassic Period, the Jurassic Period and the Cretaceous Period.

Supposedly, they existed for 160 million years and dominated the planet until all went extinct except for birds. These periods are subdivided into 30 different times called Epochs and our timelines can help you put these long stretches of time into perspective. A particularly interesting time period in the lives of dinosaurs was during the Cretaceous Period. During this time a variety of interesting and diverse dinosaurs lived on the Earth. Some of these dinosaurs include: The Ankylosaurs, the Sauropelta, the Spinosaurus, Suchomimus, Parasaurolophus and even animals that were similar in structure to current day whales and elephants.

dinosaurs7Other more well-known dinosaurs lived to like Triceratops and the popular Velociraptor as well as Tyrannosaurus Rex. During this time period the Earth was populated with plants known today like cycads, ginkgoes, conifers and ferns. At the end of this period oaks, maples and walnut trees also existed just like they do today. Although these magnificent creatures no longer live on the Earth and since then have become extinct, you can now observe them on the reels of slot machines at various casinos. What a crazy world it is that these beasts are no longer here but stay with us in spirit in mysterious ways. Dinosaur art, board games, books and the like and what do you know, on slot machines with dinosaur bonus rounds and with loud and frightening roars along with the clink, clink of your casino coins going into the machine.

Learn about dinosaurs everywhere from our site all the way to the casino. Roar even louder than the dinosaurs you play with after a winning spin. Luck comes in all kinds of ways and dinosaurs are still with us today in all kinds of ways, even weird ways like at the casino. The art on these real money slots are becoming more and more accurate in their depictions with both graphics and animation. Create a whole new timeline of dinosaurs according to your luckiest dinosaur and don’t be embarrassed even if you are a professional, to have a little fun in between reading and research.